Flyer Design

A flyer which is seen a form of paper design is used mainly for advertisements, announcements, invitations etc. they vary in shapes and sizes to a largely dispersed heterogeneous audience. It can be handed out to individuals through physical contact or sent through the mail. Flyers can be photocopied, glossy or full colours circular. Flyers are used sometimes to promote business ideas, concerts and other events.

Flyer design is the making use of graphics on a paper to draw people’s attention and to advertise or create awareness about something. Creating an attractive design on a flyer is one that is very important and has to do with creativity in every aspect of the design on the flyer ranging from the shape of the flyer to the size, the colours, the images, the font and many other things. Also the person in charge of the flyer design should make sure that there is a balance of all the elements on the flyer, No one should outshine the other.

Apart from the shape, size, images and other things, the contents of the flyer should be considered. It must be creative and the message that the flyer is trying to pass across must be straight to the point and catchy.

He text on a good flyer design must be correctly aligned, the boldness or the need for italics, font size should not be ignored. A good flyer design must contain all that have been mentioned above to attract the public to patronize what is being advertised or get interested in the content of the flyer.

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