SSL certificate alone on your website is not enough protection.

SSL certificate alone on your website won’t protect you entirely. You will need to do a little be more to achieve a satisfactory level of protection. To achieve that, here are a few things you can do.

Before we dive in, let me help you understand SSL certificates more. SSL or the Secure Sockets Layer is a security protocol that encrypts and secures the communication between a web browser like (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc) and a web server. So one might be tempted to assume using an SSL certificate alone is enough; yea? But no.

The tool or you can say the service required to create keep this encrypted and secure communication or connection is called an SSL Certificate. Among other things, using only an SSL certificate can Encrypt information flowing between the web server and browser, let people know that your site is reliable, improve, Search Engine Optimisation and provide authentication.

Read more about certificate authority and SSL certificates here.

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While using just an SSL certificate alone on your website seems good for encrypting the information that’s being transmitted between the browser and web server, it cannot protect the information once it stored on a server.

For example, when you buy something from a website, you’ll submit the banking or credit card details and process payment. From the instance he clicks on submit till those details reach your server, with your website using just an SSL certificate, the certificate will do its job of encrypting the information. After reaching the server, the information gets decrypted to complete the transaction. Now it depends on the level of the security of the server that holds your information. So, at this point what your SSL certificate cannot do is protect the information on the server, protect the server data from cyberattacks.

I’m sure you understand better now.

Some common cyberattacks that can occur on your server are DoS (Denial of Service) attack, Website defacement, Ransomware attack, Phishing attack, Misconfiguration attack and Directory traversal.

So asides getting an SSL certificate alone, you can also get a secure and reliable cloud backup, preferably AI-powered. Also, get to learn about the security features offered by your hosting service. It will go a long way to protect you more.

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