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SSL Certificates and its advantages

Why is SSL certificates important on your website?

SSL certificates are a type of digital certificate which guarantees encryption of communication between web browsers and web servers.

Here are some reasons why SSL is a necessity on websites.

SSL Improves Customer Trust

One advantage of buying SSL certificates for your website is that it helps to build clients trust.

One can depend on solid protection to ensure client security with SSL as all correspondence among guests of the website will be completely protected.

For instance, the verification procedure is a lot of like inserting a letter in an envelope before sending it through the mail.

SSL Affirms Your Identity

Also, purchasing a certificate helps clients feel safe when the website is visited.

The encryption comes with a seal from the largest Certificate Authority (CA) in the world.

The browser padlock shows the user they are safe on the website.

There are different types of SSL certificates

  1. Domain validation: This SSL declaration approves just the space name of the association and the least confirmed SSL endorsement type as it doesn\’t contain any close to home or organisation data.
  2. Organisation validation: Because by default, it contains the company name and address, it therefore shows that the organisation is real as well as their website and phone number.
  3. Extended validation: This provides the highest level of user trust therefore this can only be applied for by an employee who has the authority to sign the agreement and a certificate request.

Boosted SEO Ranking on Google

Google announced in 2014 that having SSL Certificates on sites gives an upper hand to HTTPS over HTTP websites.

Hence the addition of an algorithm by Google to its browser for more info click here


SSL certificates helps to guard sensitive information such as passwords, logins, bank details

and cardholders information on websites the perform E-commerce activities during communication.

The fundamental thought is that all data is encoded before being submitted,

and just the web server and site guest have individual keys to decode and remember it.

Encryption prevents listening covertly and adjusting of information by programmers and character criminals.

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