Cycling directions now on Maps on iOS 14 with improved location-finding features

Cycling directions now on Maps on your latest iOS 14 from Apple. Get directions while cycling in any location on the map.

Well let\’s not jump in total excitement as this feature depends on a lot of things to work properly.

Also Google maps has had this since. We just seeing it on Apple now. Why the length in time to drop this though?


But we know some of you can not just leave the Apple ecosystem. So it is good it is coming now to Apple devices. Cycling directions now on Maps is good thing either way

Read about how Apple forced everyone to have a CA certificate for only 398 days here

You have to have locations turned on and a stable internet access to enjoy this too. Try not get lost. If you loose internet access, you loose … well direction while cycling.

Read more about this feature on Macrumors

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