WhatsApp extends deadline

WhatsApp extends deadline for users over new update

WhatsApp extends deadline for users over new updates coming to the platform. Before now, the date was set for the 8th of February, 2021.

Now it has been extended to 15 May 2021.

A lot of users got worried and a new started spreading how it is not a good idea to allow Facebook to have access to your data, the way they intended to.

Even some suggested alternatives like Signal and Telegram.

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WhatsApp ensured the safety of users\’ data and underlined the use of encryption (end-to-end) on the platform.

\"\" What is shared are:

  • Phone number and other information (like your name)
  • information about your phone, including make, model, and mobile company
  • Your IP address
  • Any payments and financial transactions MADE WITH WHATSAPP
  • This update won\’t affect those in Europe and the UK due to their laws.

It\’s good to know that WhatsApp extends deadline just as a lot of users air their views. This shows the operators are listening and have given enough time for users to accept or decline.

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