3 Graphic Design Tips you could apply and be better at graphic design

3 Graphic Design Tips that can help you get better at being a graphic designer isn\’t something that needs much thinking. These are skills you might already know or may have come across.

Well, does not mean because you have heard of them, you will know they are important. So I\’m here to tell you that some of these, if applied well will help you do better.

What are the 3 Graphic Design Tips you could apply and be better at graphic designer:


White space

On the list of 3 graphic design tips, a good skill is the use of White space. So it is safe to say that one very sure sign of an amateur designer is the misuse of white space. Also known as negative space, it is a space unmarked around the visual element when you look at a design.

Apple uses it a lot, especially for its HomePod webpage. This is because, with the use of white spaces, viewers focus more on the product.

Non-designers tend to want to use up all the space available with texts, images and that makes it too busy.

And yea, there is no rest for the eye.

Leaving unmarked space in a design can immediately improve its visual appeal and ability to communicate.


You need to balance readability with style. Typography is a kinda technique you use by positioning your texts properly and styling too.

Some say is of both science and art.

Every font brings something to the table in terms of readability and style. Typically, the more stylized a font, the harder it is to read.

Well, since the fundamental reason you use a type is to communicate information, carefully use highly stylized, hard-to-read fonts with caution.

Any professional designer will tell you there’s a lot more to the process of choosing fonts than balancing style with readability, but this simple rule serves as a great entry point into the complex world of typography.



Let me tell you something here. Among the 3 graphic design tips you can apply, color is really tough to get right.

Even some really good designers struggle to use colors effectively, me inclusive.

How do you make great color choices? Try these tips and tricks.

Using simple, high-contrast color schemes to focus attention on elements of the design. This is an important tip on the 3 graphic design tips list.

Use contrast to add visual interest and, more importantly, to direct the viewer’s eye toward important information like keywords, icons, or data points.

Clever designers know research shows that humans react to warm, saturated colors, while cool, desaturated colors recede into the background.

When picking colors for your next project, keep in mind that strategically used high contrast color schemes create visual impact and highlight the most important information.

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