MIUI OS on iPhone as Hackers use Jailbreak tool successfully

Imagine the MIUI OS on iPhone. Weird right? Hackers use the Jailbreak tool successfully to install the MIUI operating system on an iPhone.


We all know that any Apple system is very difficult to crack. For many hackers, it is a thing of pride. That is why having the MIUI OS on iPhone is a really cool feat.

The Xiaomi MIUI 11 OS hit the public space on the 24th of September, 2019 and in October, a stable version hit the public to 12 Xiaomi and Redmi models.

Hackers have long discovered that using Android on the iPhone is in fact not a mere fantasy.

A few days ago, based on the vulnerability of the checkm8 jailbreak tool, some developers successfully transplanted and run the MIUI OS on iPhone.

Regrettably, the specific operation is not demonstrated in the video. However, judging from the status bar, the phone has a signal.

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