‘COVID Card’ vaccination record available for California

At the end of June, Google Pay gained the ability to save and display COVID-19 vaccination cards on Android. More countries and states are letting people add this “COVID Card” to their Android phones.

This COVID Card system is built directly into Android devices that support Google Play services. The experience is not too different from saving a flight boarding pass, transit fare, or concert/event ticket with Google Pay.

Your national provider, or sanctioned third-party equivalent, will have a mobile website or app to enter the necessary information to pull up a COVID-19 vaccination record. There will be a “Save to Phone” button to download that information to your device.

The dark green “COVID-19 digital certificate” features the Commonwealth Coat of Arms of the Australian Government. Your name and a “document number” appear first with vaccination type and dates listed next. iPhone users can also store this information with Apple Pay.


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