Mac Studio vs M1 mini vs i7 mini – Video & Photo Editing!

I will be talking about Mac Studio vs M1 mini vs i7 mini – Video & Photo Editing! on this article, you can actually purchase any of these Mac from the Apple website.

for the first time, Apple is multiple offering small form factor desktops that serve all kinds of different purposes. We will be focusing on photo and video editing performance and we will see the differences between M1 Max Studio, M1 mac mini, and core i7 intel base mac mini

The specs of these machines

core i7 intel base mac mini:

This machine is powered by a 2.3 gigahertz 6-core i7 processor with 16 gigabytes of upgradable memory and 256 of storage and there\’s no dedicated GPU in the sky so it\’s simply rocking the integrated intel UDH 630 graphics card from intel.

M1 mac mini

This is technically the quote-unquote base model mac mini out of the lineup but the m1 chip is far from the base model in terms of real-world performance compare to the core i7 mac mini, the m1 mac mini is powered by the Apple m1 chip which consists of 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU alongside 16 core neutral processor this model has 16 gigabytes of non-upgradeable memory and 256 gigabytes of storage.

Max studio

This model is powered by an m1 max chip which consists of a 10 core CPU 24 core GPU and 16 neutral processors, it comes with 32 gigabytes of non-upgradeable ram and 512 gigabytes of storage

Video Editing Test on Mac Studio vs M1 mini vs i7 mini

M1 mini is simply light years ahead for handling relatively basic hevc video files there\’s only three minutes difference between the m1 mini and mac studio but the i7 mini took nearly 6 times as long as complete as the m1 mini.

The difference between m1 mini and mac studio is not that huge but the difference i7 mini and the two apply silicon max is very huge. A lot of people wanted to crap on Apple\’s GPU when m1 was first announced but Apple\’s 8 core GPU clearly destroy the intel UHD graphics even though when that card was new anything to brag about necessarily

\”To watch the review, click play on YouTube video below\”

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