Forgotten iPhone Features

Apple is amazing at setting trends. This is why lots of other companies use similar names to Apple’s products and, sometimes, even copy the company’s designs. That said, it’s not every time that Apple makes it right or a feature it’s pushing survives. Here are five iPhone features that are now forgotten by apple and users

  • Let’s start with an iPhone features that many hard-core users loved but most people never heard about: 3D Touch. Unveiled alongside the iPhone 6S, this feature survived until the iPhone XS. 3D Touch started as “Force Touch” on the Apple Watch, but even this longer press was deactivated and removed on Apple’s smartwatches.

It was perfect for previewing links, messages, photos, and, of course, watching Live Photos. As of now, you can still do all of that, but that haptic feedback was something unique from Apple.

  • Moving on to other iPhone features that are now forgotten, the iPhone X introduced a new trend with Animojis – which then evolved into Memoji. Not only did companies release their own terrible versions of this feature, but it was also very trendy. Lypsinc, famous people’s impressions, and even more were posted online just to differentiate those who had an iPhone X with TrueDepth from those who didn’t.

But with time, Apple made it possible for all users to create their own Memoji, and today it’s very rare to see someone posting their Memoji reaction or even using this feature at all.

  • Talking about the TrueDepth system, can we ever forget about Slofies? Introduced with the iPhone 11, this iPhone function was supposed to be Apple’s next great feature: the ability to record slow-motion films using the front-facing camera.
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  • OK, let’s go back to 2016 and iOS 10 to talk about the iMessage App Store. The problem with this feature was that there was not much use for it.

[App Clips] They’re small, brief previews of full App Store apps that don’t put your life on pause to find, install, and run. App clips can be activated right from your lock screen with NFC-enabled app clip codes.

App clips in the Apple Store could make purchasing products, picking up orders, and discovering new accessories faster and more seamless. The Apple Store app is already pre-installed on every new iPhone, but users can delete it if they wish. An app clip for the Apple Store app could trigger the scan and buy self-checkout feature or let any visitor quickly check-in for an appointment without needing the full app installed.

What do you think about these features that Apple seems to have forgotten on the iPhone? Is there anyone you would love to see them bring back, or are you glad to say goodbye to some of them?

There are some features that we maynot have ideas of like how the back of your iPhone a button.

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