The first web 3 website builder

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Three easy steps to launch your web 3 website

Launching a web 3 website has been made easy with the help of the first-ever web 3 website builder. Below are the 3 easy steps to make your website

  1. Provide basic details about your business such as name, logo, contact number, etc.
  2. Choose a design from hundreds of designs created by Myraah’s AI.
  3. Launch on Web 3, you can use to access your site at:

Get a Domain name to make your site available

Your Web 3 website can be opened by typing rather than a subdomain. In this case, you will need to attach the domain to your web3 site

You can attach a domain to your web3 site, using our integration. You can either attach a pre-owned domain or buy a domain through us. This is how to use the first web 3 website builder,

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