How Link Your NIN With 9Mobile

Learning how to Link Your NIN To your 9Mobile Sim Is Just as easy as following a bunch of simple steps that are outlined below in these short articles. Linking Your NIN to Your SIM Card or Phone Number is very Important for Identification and even security reasons, especially when internet and identity fraud has become rampant in society. Beginning from early this year, Nigeria has mandated that every Phone Number and SIM Cards in the Country Be Linked to their respective customer\’s NIN. So in this article, I\’m going to walk you through the steps to link your NIN With one of the country\’s most popular telecom service providers, 9Mobile.

1 The First Thing To do is to visit the 9Mobile\’s official NIN website, You will see a \”Verify Your NIN Now\” button, click on it to be redirected to the next page where you might be asked to input some of your details

2 In The page You are redirected to, You will see a little input field to Enter your phone number. Enter your number and click or press send to go to the next page to input your other details

3 As soon as you input and send the phone number you want to use to link your NIN, an OTP will be sent to that number, this process may take some time depending on your network speed and other factors, so please be a bit patient with it. When you get the OTP, Input it into the field provided for it on the site and click next

4 After sending your phone number, you will be asked to input your NIN number and send a picture of your NIN Card. do these and click next.

5 And Voila!!! Your NIN has been verified and Linked to Your 9mobile SIM.

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