Top Pros and Cons of using Python in a Web App

One of the world’s most popular coding languages, Python was first conceptualized in the late ’80s, influenced by the ABC and Modula-3 languages. It has come a long way from its first release in 1991 to the 2.0 release when it became an open-source project, and to this day it is gathering a huge, professional community that is constantly improving the technology. Here are the Top Pros and Cons of using Python in a Web App.

Pros of using in web development projects

Less coding

What can get better than having a programming language in place that doesn’t require much coding? Well, this is exactly what python has to offer. As far as web development is concerned, you can build prototypes and test out ideas using python.

Wide community support

Python boasts of the most prominent developer community across the globe. So, whenever you are stuck with any problem pertaining to web development, there is a solution out there. There are numerous python web development courses that are made available by the community members to make the web development process a lot easier.


One of the many remarkable advantages of Python web development for server-side scripting is its simple syntax. The syntax is simple to the extent that it allows the users to execute the program algorithm based on user actions.

Library support

No wonder, library support is one of the core pillars of Python. This is because it can extensively build web apps, game apps, and also machine learning high-level apps. Python web development libraries make it way easier than ever to develop web applications.


Python frameworks deserve a special mention for the fact that they ensure rapid and swift web app development. Additionally, the developers need not worry much as they are quite easily accessible and simple to construct web applications.


Cons of using in web development projects

A little slow

Some developers have raised issues pertaining to the slow pace of python.  It is worth noting that python makes use of an interpreter instead of a compiler, which normally other programming languages use for project development. This is the prime reason why python is a little slower when compared to other programming languages.

Memory consumption

When designing heavy web applications, it is observed that python consumes a lot of memory. In simple terms, python doesn’t work under restricted memory constraints.

Game development issues

Python is not considered to be the best programming language when the aim is game development. As a result of the slow building of applications, it is not advised to rely on python.

Not ideal for mobile usage

Certain web developers have complained that python is sluggish when used over a mobile device as compared to desktops or servers.

Design restrictions

It has been observed that Python poses certain design restrictions. In simple terms, this programming language is dynamically typed – meaning – it executes specific tasks during app runtime that would otherwise be completed in a statically typed language. It naturally puts some restrictions on the design.

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