Free APIs You can use for your next Web/Mobile Application


Free, well-documented APIs is every developer\’s dream, finding a free API to extend the functionalities of your Application can be a daunting task for developers, especially when you are on a budget. This article brings you our best three free APIs you can use in your next project. Before we start with our list, I want first to remind us what an API is, an API is short for Application Programming Interface(API). It is basically a way for our application to communicate with another Application which exposes endpoints for developers to perform limited operations such as fetching data from their database, this in turn extends the functionalities of the client application(our Application), as we are using data from the server application\’s database. Most API Endpoints exposed for client Application is not free for developers\’ use; so it is a relief when we discover free APIs that we can use today in our Application (Web or Mobile) to give it extra superpowers!

Movie Database

Similar to IMDB, this site provides movie and television information. Get information about each title\’s title, year, Metascore rating, IMDB rating, release date, runtime, genre, directors, writers, actors, plot, awards, posters, and more. So developers looking for a free API to use for a movie review App for instance can easily integrate this API into their application

Google Search

Google search API is free, rapid, and easy to use. There are no captchas, so you can do as many searches as you like. Get search results with links, titles, and descriptions. Check the SERPs and scrape Google News.


Fetch data from the Spotify music catalog, manage users\’ playlists and saved music, get recommendations, control Spotify Connect, and more. Based on simple REST principles, the Spotify Web API endpoints return JSON metadata about music artists, albums, and tracks, directly from the Spotify Data Catalogue, and what\’s more? it\’s free!!

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