blync cycling Bike syncs your bike to VR

blync cycling bike setup tools on a wooden floor
BLYNC Cycling

BLYNC Cycling syncs your bike to VR to let you venture across various terrains with friends as if you are outdoors.

To get started, download the companion app, then you will need to set up your BLYNC sensors with your bicycle before use. The B sensors measure your bike turning motion and bike speed. on a bike trainer. There are different brands of bike trainers in the market. Currently, smart trainers are not fully supported. Ordinary trainers are supported and you can set what force you want to pedal with and you provide that detail during Blync account creation. Once you have your bike securely mounted on the trainer, then you are ready to connect the sensors.

BLYNC Cycling Path Sensor measures the turning direction of your bicycle and translates that to your virtual bike in the VR world. It needs to be placed under the front wheel of your bicycle. We at Krustylab found that the BLYNC Cycling path sensor can be powered in 2 different ways; using a micro USB cable or using 2 lithium AA batteries (not included). Once powered, the Path Sensor LED light turns on indicating that it’s ready to connect. If the path sensor stays idle for about 10 minutes without being connected to the VR, it will enter standby mode with the LED light going off. To get the Path Sensor to a ready state, you need to push the reset button at the back. Always ensure that it is in a ready state before starting BLYNC Cycling VR App. Android users must be connected to a Bluetooth when connecting

BLYNC Cycling Speed Sensor measures the speed of your bicycle and translates that to your virtual bike speed in the VR world. It needs to be strapped around your back wheel’s hub with one of the provided bands. pricing starts at 110 dollars or 47,000 naira.

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