Xiaomi Cyberdog

Xiaomi Cyberdog

The Xiaomi CyberDog bionic quadruped robot not only has bionic movement, but also has an interactive bionic visual and auditory experience, which can follow directions, recognize the owner, and even automatically follow the owner’s movement. In addition, the Xiaomi CyberDog bionic quadruped machine is equipped with a high-precision environmental perception system, and 11 high-precision sensors throughout the body transmit information to the AI brain in real-time, which can detect environmental information such as images, light, distance., speed and sound, and restore a more realistic biological response. 

These include touch sensors, cameras, ultrasonic sensors, GPS modules, etc., on the basis of which more biologically intuitive interactive functions, as well as environmental perception and analysis capabilities, can be derived. It uses an interactive AI camera, wide-angle binocular camera, and Intel RealSense D450 depth camera to build the hardware foundation. Through computer vision, it detects and recognizes information related to the user, providing users with a more intelligent Visual experience

The robot dog is equipped with a high-performance servo motor developed by Xiaomi, which can provide a maximum output torque of 32 Nm, a maximum speed of 220 rpm, and a maximum walking speed of 3.2 m / s, which can guarantee high torque and high-speed performance at the same time.

The NVIDIA JETSON XAVIER NX platform is the ‘brain’ of Xiaomi CyberDog, including 384 CUDA cores, 48 Tensor cores, 6 Carmel ARM CPUs, and two deep learning acceleration engines, which can handle multiple big data sensors.

Xiaomi CyberDog relies on the global open source community for self-research and innovation. It combines Xiaomi’s hardware and software R&D capabilities in one body: self-developed high-performance motors, plus Xiaomi’s R&D build of AI voice and vision algorithms, robot systems, and AI algorithms. movement.

The control is very simple, we can control it by voice, remote control, or mobile phone, and just say ‘CyberDog’ and give instructions to complete complex actions.

Finally, it also has a host of peripheral expansion capabilities, with 3 Type-C and 1 HDMI interface, which can be connected to a variety of expansion devices such as reflectors, panoramic cameras, sports cameras, and lidars to create more application scenarios. It also supports life waterproofing and can cope with a variety of complex use environments.

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