Tiny 11 Software is out now

Tiny 11 Software is out now. It is also stating that it will be Windows 11 and not have strict hardware requirements.

According to Neowin, Tiny11 was created by NTDEV and is essentially an ISO based on Windows 11 Pro 22H2.

Tiny 11 Software

The release was publicized on Twitter (opens in a new tab). (Take note that it builds on Tiny10, which is essentially the same concept for Windows 10)

How does Tiny11 do

Windows 11 is notorious for its relatively high system requirements.

This is one goal, many PCs running Windows 10 simply cannot achieve, but there is a solution for that.

A new version of the Tiny 11 Software significantly lowers the hardware bar.

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Although early preview versions of this alternative version of Windows 11 have previously been made available for download.

This is the final release candidate though.

This version the Tiny 11 Software should hopefully function without any problems.

Tiny11 RAM regquirements

Just 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage space are needed for the system (Windows 11 itself requires at least 4GB), and Tiny11 does away with security requirements like TPM and Secure Boot, which are problematic for many PCs.

Security issues are the biggest roadblock, according to our analysis.

Tiny11 is basically, a DIY project where the dev has tinkered and produced their own Windows 11 ISO – with a ton of stuff stripped out – that you can download to install this ‘lite’ version of the OS.

In conclusion, we simply don’t know how secure Tiny11 is, and for that reason, in our humble opinion, it’s best to err on the side of caution and give this one a swerve. We can’t deny that it’s a lovely idea, though, and perhaps some of the more daring desktop computer users will want to give it a try on an old PC to see how it works.

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