ICT Company Krustylab aims to assist in the transformation of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria such as the daily management of the SMEs business websites, aiding the SMEs to compete with established or international organizations, help them improve their websites and optimize them for search engines; thereby directing the right traffic to their various websites.

Krustylab has a diverse business model which focuses on the growth and increase of its employees and also focuses on creating several office branches in various major cities in Nigeria and worldwide.

Krustylab was founded in 2012 by a group of like-minded individuals who based their focus on providing affordable IT/ICT services to SMEs and medium-sized companies and businesses. The headquarters of Krustylab is currently located at No 4, Port Loko Street, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja-Nigeria and consist of 6 individuals in the management team.


Similar to any major tech firm, ICT Company Krustylab is also certified in diverse IT/ICT qualifications, which are:

Microsoft Certified IT Professional
Microsoft Certified Technology Expert
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
Adobe Certified Expert
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Java Certified Programmer (Java 2 platform)

Website design mobile app software company in Abuja


As a tech firm in Nigeria, ICT Company Krustylab has extensive experience in Web Application Development, Information Technology, Website Development and Mobile Application Development. Krustylab has put these experiences into transforming various SMEs and organisations such as:

Website Development and Social Media Management for Assemblies of God Church, National Worship Centre, Abuja.
Website Development for organisations such as Global Support for Nigeria, Abuja Unity Hospital, Cheding, Civil Chaplaincy Ministry, Coffeecodes, ELS Entertainment, Evangel Women Ministry Foundation, First Source, Legisconfidential, Ruginavincys Closet, Skateguyz Club, Vital Concerns, Cool Kids got Talent Pagent, Forza Cartracking, Life Support Foundation International, Danny Sucre, Margaret Sanitation and Health Initiative, Ministry for Mines and Steel Development, Afrodezt Group, Channel of Life Ministry, Cab hub and Szotyola Services.

…power in simplicity


When you are looking for where you can design your mobile application for either productivity, education, sport, news, blog, entertainment, development etcetera look no further. We are poised to provide the necessary support. From planning to design, implementation development, publishing and afterwards steady updating and bug fixes. What we do is unique. We make sure that the things we do reflect your vision and aspirations. You just think about it and bring your imagination to life. The thing about us is that, we don’t just want you to choose us or give us your money for jobs or even get us contracted alone. We want to make sure that the things we do meet your expectation, from start to finish.


Global solutions are mainly implemented by our team of experts who work day and night to bring your visions to reality. Global solutions that are not only effective but make sure you reach the potential in whatever you aspire to achieve with and ICT Company Krustylab. A team that is made up of the head, audits, head director, head tech and head operations. We also have proxy operatives that help in different areas but on a contract basis.


We pride in providing solutions that produce results. So give us a try. We assure you we will take your mind-blowing ideas and make them a reality.

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