Is the OnePlus 5T the best value in the entire smartphone industry?

When the OnePlus 5 was first reviewed in June, people kicked out the articles like it was some blunt statement. Let’s just make it very clear: the OnePlus 5 is an amazing phone that ticks every box expect for the looks…which we must agree is also cutting edge.

Its packed with a Snapdragon 835 processor and a crazy 8GB of RAM; a black aluminium back (matte) and feels so good like the iPhone 7+ and th dual 16MP + 20MP camera at the back (same its predecessor) is also there.

It was released in 2014 and every since, the OnePlus has been giving users a quality that is near flagship and experience too that is amazing…and guess what …the price is almost half of what Samsung, Sony, LG, Apple and Huawei.

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