Is your old iPhone slowing down or shutting down unexpectedly? Apple has released an update to address that.

Amongst all the coming updates, one is the most important

You can now stop your iPhone from slowing down

Coming to the iOS is an update that will allow users to turn off a feature called “battery throttling” that’s installed with it. There has been an ongoing controversy that iPhonesbare slowed down once the batteries are not working properly. This can also lead to iPhones shutting down for no reason or while is use.

There are a lot of features built into the update. Some augment reality, easier ways of storing health records for doctors and medical practitioners, animojis and more. However, the major announcement was the one of the battery change. This was majorly to address the controversy about iPhones handling older batteries poorly.

This controversy started when it became public that Apple installed tools in the iOS that would slow down or switch off features as your iPhone gets old. This was a feature added because if iPhones will go through some instensive tasks, the old batteries will no be able to handle them, so the iPhones will switch off .

Though this feature was put in place by Apple to keep the affected iPhones going on, a lot of people felt the revelation was a conspiracy to make user get frustrated by intentionally slowed and malfunctioning iPhones that are old so they can buy new ones.

So to tackle this, Apple offered some changes. These changes include a much cheaper and easier battery replacement and now it’s said in the coming updates, Apple will set a switch to allow users switch off the feature entirely.

The feature is also said to allow users view the current health of their battery and will be able to know if the battery will need servicing. These options will be found under the settings app, and under the battery option.

These features will be rolling out soon. Possibly in the iOS release version of 11.3 and also in the BETA releases of the software.

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