Meet our team

Meet our team. This team is comprised of an amazing set of individuals that are creative and goal-driven. We are a group of like-minded individuals who based their focus on providing affordable IT/ICT services to SMEs and medium-sized companies and businesses. The headquarters of Krustylab is currently located at No 4, Al Fayyium Street, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja-Nigeria and consist of 6 individuals in the management team.

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You can meet our team below:

Head audits

Florence C.

Head operations

Harrison B.

Head tasks

Head tasks

Head tech

James I.

Cloud analyst

Nnamdi E.

data analyst

Esther U.

proxy op 1

Blessing J.

proxy op 1

Daniel A.

You can also meet our team on social media. Their handles will be posted soon so you can follow them.

Global solutions are mainly implemented by our team of experts who work day and night to bring your visions to reality. Global solutions that are not only effective but make sure you reach the potential in whatever you aspire to achieve with Krustylab

Please read our click here to go to our knowledge base to find out more about how to use most of our services. If you want to watch a few of our videos, click on this link.

Our data analyst ensures you get the best and most recent updates from the tech world. For tutorials, Visit our partners’ page here to see available tutorials