An Open heavens 2016/17 devotional. Read open heavens anytime, anywhere!

My Open Heavens 2017 Gold

This app is a client representation of the devotional booklet Open Heavens for the year 2015
Now you have open heavens anytime, anywhere.

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Mechop is a business center that represents all kind of businesses, online.


The site provides platform of;
1. To simply upload pictures of work/ offices using simple gadgets such as mobile phones
2. Upload videos of product/business related
3. Banner ads.

Communicate real-time, anytime with a Krustylab operator from your device.


You can now talk, chat and communicate with your preferred IT/ICT services provider. ClientChat is our gift to you our client, who has always believed we are the right team to bring your ideas to reality.

Assemblies of God, Nigeria

Sunday School Manual

Now you can read your Sunday School Manual on your Android device anytime anywhere for free.

Find artisans and businesses near you.


Need a service in your locality but dont know how or who to call? Find a SmartOGA using this service.

Iyabas will teach you how to cook Nigerian delicacies and meals, step by step.


Iyabas will teach you how to prepare local delicacies step by step. You are sure to learn and perfect the procedures to prepare the different Nigerian meals and local delicacies. You can also search and browse by categories. Offline viewing is also available. Do not forget that you can also favorite meals and recipes you are interested in and want to review later.

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