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software company

A Software company – What is the role of a software company in the world Today?

A software company or companies has been one of the most significant entities around the world without a doubt.

The process of imagining, determining, planning, programming, testing and bug fixing associated with making and maintaining applications called software development

software’s are all around us and yet a few individuals contemplate the numerous ways that these programs impact the world everyday.

software company

What are its functions?

A software company go through various stages involved in developing software known also as software development life cycle (SDLC):

Requirement gathering and analysis, Design,Implementation/coding,Testing, Deployment, Maintenance

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A software company engages in the following

  1. inquiring about, structuring, actualising and over seeing software programs.
  2. performs software testing and evaluation of new programs.
  3. writes and also implements lines of code efficiently
  4. develops and also maintains quality assurance procedures

Benefits in everyday life

Software has been of immense benefit since the late 90’s. the development of applications has helped in various way such as:

  1. software helps make life convenient for example, computer programs has made it easier than at any other time to communicate with friends all over the world via social networks.
  2. software has been integrated into electronics and appliances such as refrigerators that make use of software to notify its owner about spoiled food.
  3. televisions can make suggestions using software and also record your favorite shows based on your preferences.

Software company no doubt plays a major role in the lives of so many around the work which makes it very important

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