Terms and Conditions

  • Participants are eligible to win any prize only if they have a valid postal address. Citizens and/or residents of countries other than Nigeria are eligible to participate. Citizens and/or residents of countries other than Nigeria, residing in Nigeria are eligible to participate. (All persons fulfilling conditions mentioned in this Terms and conditions shall be hereinafter referred to as “Participants”).
  • Participants can enter the contest by creating an account on the Quava app and playing the Game under the “Fun N Learn” section, “Guess Word”, “Daily Quiz” or “Single Battle” sections or tabs. If a User answers correctly, he/she will be awarded points. The Participants shall be required to provide basic personal information about themselves correctly including the Participant’s name, address, telephone number or mobile number, account name, account number, bank and email address to enter into a lucky draw and get a chance to win merchandise/gratification.
  • Krustylab shall inform the Winners via email or phone number provided by the Participants at the time of entering the Contest. The Prize(s) will be delivered to Winners through post and/or courier.
  • The distribution time and mode of distribution of the Prize(s) shall be at the sole discretion of Krustylab.
  • The winners will be selected through a lucky draw from all the participants who have submitted the correct answers.
  • Upon commencement of the Quava reward program, the winners will be declared every month on any of Krustylab’s social media handles and platforms, the winner announcement will be made before the end of every month.
  • If Krustylab is unable to reach you on the contact details shared by you, for a period of 20 days from the date of announcement of winners on our website/social media handles and/or you fail to claim your prize within such 20 days, the prizes, will be deemed to be unclaimed and Krustylab reserves the right to distribute the prize to other eligible users based on lucky draw.
  • In a case where the merchandise is such as clothing then the merchandise shall be of free size and there will be no provision for an exchange.
  • The decision of Krustylab on all matters relating to or in connection with this Quava (including the selection of the winners) will be final and binding on all parties concerned.
  • Krustylab reserves the right to postpone change, amend, extend, withdraw and/or or cancel the activity at any time or to accept or reject any entries at their absolute discretion without giving any prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, at any point in time and the participant shall not bring any claim against Krustylab.
  • By participating in the Game, you consent to share your name (and masked phone number) with Krustylab for the announcement of the winners, if you are chosen as a winner.
  • The Contest terms and conditions shall be mentioned on Krustylab’s website https://www.krustylab.com/quava/terms-and-conditions (“Website”). The Participants agree that by participating in any contest or quiz on Quava, the Participants shall be bound by the terms and conditions provided on the Website.
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