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Differences between HTTPS and HTTP?

HTTPS vs HTTP: Differences between the both.

HTTP and HTTPS basically allows for the communication between different systems.

It is normally used to move information from a web server to a program so as to permit clients to see website pages.

There are a few differences between the both of them:


With HTTP, there is no data encryption as sensitive data traveling through the website from a server to the client without SSL becomes vulnerable.

This makes it easy for hackers man-in-the-middle to intercept the traffic en route to its destination to steal sensitive information.

Whereas, with HTTPS all lines between the web servers and the client are secured using SSL to guard against hackers stealing information for websites such as:

Account details, login details and passwords.



HTTP operates at the TCP/IP layer of the OSI model and sends data over port 80.

While HTTPS does not have a separate protocol as it operates using HTTP

but the difference is that it uses encrypted SSL/TLS for connections and on port 443.

Click here to read more on why ports 80 and 443 were assigned to HTTP and HTTPS respectively.


HTTP does not improve the search engine ranking of the website whereas HTTPS helps to improve the search engine ranking as announced by google

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