Xiaomi Cyberdog

The Xiaomi CyberDog bionic quadruped robot not only has bionic movement, but also has an interactive bionic visual and auditory experience, which can follow directions, recognize the owner, and even automatically follow the owner’s movement. In addition, the Xiaomi CyberDog bionic quadruped machine is equipped with a high-precision environmental perception system, and 11 high-precision sensors …

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Piñatex vegan Leather

Widely known as Piñatex, vegan leather made from pineapples was created to provide a convincing and environmentally friendly alternative to animal leather. It was designed by Dr. Carmen Hijosa, a Spanish fashion designer and entrepreneur. While working in the Philippines as a consultant in the leather industry, she was appalled by the toxic and environmentally dangerous …

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BLYNC cycling

The coronavirus pandemic has made a few things quite obvious: healthcare in the US is woefully inadequate for a large portion of the population, and wearing a mask for the 15 minutes you’re at the grocery store is apparently too much to ask, and being stuck inside really sucks. If you’re in good health and take the …

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