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Amongst all the coming updates, one is the most important You can now stop your iPhone from slowing down Coming to the iOS is an update that will allow users to turn off a feature called “battery throttling” that’s installed with it. There has been an ongoing controversy that iPhonesbare slowed down once the batteries...
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Very soon the cool features on the Apple iPhone will be on the Android We all know the iPhone X has been out for sometime now. Yea…but there are plans already lined up to replicate the features of IPhone X in some 2018 high-end phones on the Android platform. Features like the ‘Deep portrait’ selfie...
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An outrage of this magnitude wasn’t expected over the emoji design of a hamburger to the extent the CEO of Google has to do something about it. Today or will we say… the year 2017, the burger thingy global horror has been put to bed with the release of the Android Oreo v8.1 that fixes...
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Windows phone soon to get a huge Microsoft software Confirmation from MICROSOFT says that windows 10 creators update to windows phone, a few days after the launching of the new software on PCs. Windows phone as thought dead may not be quite dead Microsoft most unfavorable mobile platform is getting a major upgrade that could...
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MANY ANDROID APPS THAT HARBORED SPYWARE – AND EVEN GOOGLE DID NOT KNOW Hundreds of apparently harmless free Android apps – directed mainly at teens – hid a dirty little secrets that even app makers did not know about it. A popular framework app, code  glitch in igexin that makers make use of to aim...
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